I think that there are two types of people in the world. There are people who see the world as black and white and those who see the world in shades of gray. The people who see the world in black and white see clear distinctions between good and bad. There are no blurred lines, something is either right or it is wrong. Then there are the other people, the people who see the world in shades of gray. They don’t just see the world as all good or all bad. They see good in the and sometimes bad in the good. They no that no one is born good or born bad. There are things that happen to make someone act the way that they do. It is all the choices that you make every day that determines if you are good or bad. Even in that, I don’t believe that a person is ever just good or bad. I like to think that I am a good person, but I make mistakes. There is no part of me that is perfect or makes the right decisions all the time. There are times when I make poor choices and I make decisions to see just how far I can push the envelope and see how far I can go before I fall. In the same sense, I don’t think that someone who makes a bad decision is a bad person. I saw Beauty and the Beast this past weekend, let me tell you that was a good movie! But it got me thinking about the beast. When people first saw him, they saw the outside of him and judged him based on the limited interaction they had with him. SPOILERS ARE COMING AND IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ THEM STOP READING. On the inside, he is soft and sweet but he has built up walls and layers to keep others out and by doing so other perceive him as being cold and unloving. But he’s not he protects Belle, he shows her the world, he lets her be her own person and grow and do what she needs to do. There is a time in the movie when Belle asks the staff why they stayed with the beast after the curse happened and why they still care about him. Mrs. Potts says that it is because they failed him after his mom dies the beasts father was cold and turned his son cold because of how he was treated. They stay with him because they feel guilty that they didn’t step in sooner and open his eyes and show him what it looks like to love someone and truly be loved back. That is what God is for us. He is our true love and he sees us when we are at a worst and don’t think that we deserve his love. He chases us and loves us even when we don’t return the love he gives us. God doesn’t just see us for the sins that we have committed or the mistakes that we have made. He sees us for who we truly are, he sees the good that is in everyone. There is no time where after picking us up again God says “this is the last time that I am going to put you back together”. We are so loved by the king of kings and the creator of the world! Like that blows my mind all the time. So no matter if you look at yourself and see the mistakes you have made and the imperfections you think are there, that is not what God sees. He sees himself in you. He sees the goodness that is in every person. No one is born evil and everyone has the potential to have a positive impact on the world and do good. When you look at the world no matter how you see it either in shades of gray or black and white don’t forget to look past what you see and look at the person who is in front of you. Take the time to get to know them and not just judge them based on your first impression of them. Get to know their heart because when you do it can be life-changing. No matter who you think you are or who you have to be because of where you just remember that it doesn’t define you. It doesn’t define what person who you are, the choices that you do define who you are. Try and see the world in different shades and look past what you think you see until you truly see the heart of the person in front of you.


A Regular Girl

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