Perfection Versus Being Broken

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and want to change what you see? You think of my nose is too big or my hair is too flat or if only I can lose those last five pounds. Well here’s the thing, no one is perfect. We live in this world where we are surrounded by this idea of what we should look like. We see people who aren’t real people, they have been photoshopped and edit so that they can look this way. Their whole job is to be incredibly beautiful. Well, I’m calling bull shit. I’m calling bull shit on the perfect life, the perfect relationship, the perfect family, the perfect everything. This why are we so focused on making everything look like it is perfect and we are all living these lives where nothing goes wrong. I have tried to do this for too long. For too long I have tried to pretend that I am okay and when I’m not. Admitting to others that you aren’t okay is hard because we are expected to be perfect and fine. If we aren’t okay people want to help us get to a place where we are okay. But that’s not what we need. We don’t need perfection; in fact, it’s boring. I’ve had perfect and I prefer broken. There is a sweetness in being broken and being okay with that. With perfection, you know what every day has for you and what you are expected to do and with brokenness, there is a lot of unknown. In being broken you find out how strong you are. Being broken allows you to see who has your back when the world seems against you. Those are the times when you can develop your relationships and watch them grow into relationships that anchor you and provide hope in a time when you don’t see any. In the times when you don’t see perfection, stop running towards what you think perfection is and embrace where you are. When you are too busy running to a place where you want to be or you think you should be you miss all the incredible moments along the way that you never planned for. If you pretend everything is fine and perfect you miss those moments where someone can walk along side you and lighten your load, and you never know you just might find a new sister or brother. During our weakness, God is our strength. He walks along side us and carries us when we are too weak to walk. Even when we are cursing him and blaming him for everything that is happening God never leaves our side. For me, the sweetest part about being broken is watching God pick up the pieces in ways I never dreamed of and never thought possible. I am at a point where I can admit that I am truly sweetly broken. In that, I mean that I find joy in being broken and I’m striving for perfection by the standards of other. In being broken every fight feels like a battle, you don’t see the war you’ve won until you are on the other side. Like Carrie Underwood said, “‘Cause sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand and what you’ve been out there searching for forever is in your hand.” Right now, I am striving to grow myself and grow in my relationship with God. I understand what it means to be sweetly broken. I hope you will soon understand it and get to experience it the way I do.


A Regular Girl

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